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Meridian Ceramic Tealight Urn - Bay Blue
Meridian Ceramic Tealight Urn - Bay Blue

Meridian Ceramic Tealight Urn - Bay Blue

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Popular reasons to choose the Meridian Ceramic Tealight Urn in Blue are the deep blue glaze and the memorial candle feature.
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The Meridian Ceramic Tealight Urn in Bay Blue offers a beautiful way to remember a loved one -- combining a keepsake urn with a candle that can be lit in his or her memory. Lighting a candle is a ritual that has been comforting people during a time of loss for centuries. This tealight urn is made by a ceramic artist exclusively for Stardust Memorials.

The Meridian Ceramic Tealight Urn - Bay Blue can hold about one cup of ashes in the base. A standard tealight candle fits within the recessed area in the lid. One candle is provided with each urn. The lid can be adhered permanently to the base if desired using a glue like e6000.

Lighting a candle is meaningful in many spiritual and religious practices. As the candle is lit, you can reflect on a special life.

This piece is ceramic stoneware -- made from clay, shaped on a potter's wheel, glazed, and then fired to achieve the durability and look. This glaze is a dark blue with green undertones. A matching adult size Bay Blue Ceramic Cremation Urn is available. Made in USA.

Keepsake urns are commonly used to hold a small portion of ashes after the majority of the ashes have been scattered, buried, or placed in a columbarium. Given its handcrafted nature, the urn you receive can vary in shape, dimensions (by less than a half inch), and glaze effects from the image shown.

Tealight Urn
4" H x 4" Diameter
14 Cubic Inches (1 Cup)
.8 Lbs.
Top Opening. Can be sealed if desired.
Engraving Options

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